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Leadership and Community Engagement

Strategic Planning

The Center for Government and Community Development can meet your organization’s strategic planning needs. We offer plan facilitation and development and have helped many associations, organizations, and communities create and implement successful initiatives. If you need to refresh your goals, adopt new policies, or just get your organization engaged contact us today. We offer one to two day intensive planning sessions. We also offer smaller scale action planning.

Community Action Planning

Does your community need to become more engaged or have a specific project or issue that needs to be addressed? If so contact us for a 1-3 hour session to help you develop an action plan. Our planning process can help you identify your barriers to success and engage people and resources to achieve your goals.

Business and Agency Leadership

We offer multiple 1-2 hour sessions to develop leaders within your community or organizations. Some sample topics include conflict resolution, team building and partnership development, the art of negotiation, working with the media, managing meetings and groups, and engaging your community.

Managing Change (45 min–1 hr)

“The only thing that is constant is change.” —Heraclitus

Every individual and organization faces change at some point. Participants will gain insight about the dynamics of the change process. As leaders they will learn how to influence the process through an interactive and fast-paced learning experience.

Five Generations, One Workforce (45 min – 1hr)

Organizations don’t thrive without people. Those leading organizations must be in the business of learning people and their characteristics. In this presentation, participants will discover the characteristics, values, motivations and communications styles of generations. Participants will walk away with an understanding of how generations influence our lives and the workplace.

Real Colors (1.5  –  3.0 hrs)

In the Real Colors® fundamentals workshop, participants will learn to:

  • Identify their own—and other people's—Real Colors and personal strengths
  • Understand the different ways people process information
  • Communicate with others in the most effective way possible—including hearing what they’re really saying
  • Recognize and appreciate the strengths and viewpoints of others
  • Apply Real Colors principles in all areas of their lives

Interpersonal Communication (1 hr)

Many issues in interpersonal relationships at work and home can be linked to ineffective communication. In this workshop participants will discover their communication preferences, strengths and weaknesses, the preferences, strengths and weaknesses of others and learn strategies to effectively communicate with different personalities. Participants will be actively engaged in learning through reflection, role play, demonstration and other experiential learning opportunities.

We can design custom trainings for staff retreats, team building, communication and leadership. These include half-day and full day trainings.

Understanding Community Development

More information coming soon!

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