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Mississippi-Alabama Rural Tourism Conference

Assessing Your Community for Tourism

  • Assessing and Identifying Attractions
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Social Media Marketing and Your Town or Attraction — Lauren Colby Nickels and James Barnes
  • Hospitality Training — Where to Stop and Shop
  • Creating a Weekend Experience
  • Branding
  • Rural Tourism Toolbox
  • SET Coaches Guide - Tourism

Hospitality Training

MSU-Extension offers a one hour training on Customer Service for Retail and Service Sector Businesses. This training is available online or can be held as an in person interactive training. This program is ideal for Chambers of Commerce, Rotary Club meetings, or downtown merchants associations.

MSU-Extension offers a one hour training on Community Hospitality – Welcoming Visitors and Your Community’s Message to World. Participants will learn how to assess their image, steps for improving visibility, appeal, and how to project a welcoming message to visitors to increase word-of-mouth advertising and repeat visitors.

Economic Analysis, Market Analysis, and Event Evaluation

Special events, projects, and economic development strategies need evaluation to see if they are meeting their goals. The Center for Government and Community Development conducts economic impact analysis and market studies of special events in order to help them increase their attendance, become more strategic, and improve budgeting and marketing. Contact us to day to see if an economic impact analysis or market study is right for you. Listen to Dr. Rachael Carter of MSU Extension and Molly Wood of NPR discuss the economics of festivals



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