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Rural Tourism Toolbox

Tourism Technology (ConnectMS)

Most Mississippi communities have historic or natural resources that have the potential to attract visitors boosting local economies. However, many of these communities do not have the high-speed Internet connectivity or skills needed to effectively leverage the technology tourists increasingly demand and local businesses need. The long-term goal of this project is to create a certification program in tourism technology.

Branding Rural Mississippi (PDF)

Randy Wilson and Ben Muldrow
This overview of the fundamentals of branding emphasizes how effective branding of rural communities helps build community pride, stimulates the local economy, and promotes a preservation spirit that compels people to be better stewards of their culture and the place they call home.

Branding Rural Communities (Word)

Ben Muldrow
Ben’s PowerPoint presentation with examples of traditional ways communities have traditionally branded themselves and some more effective examples.

Using Tourism Trend Sites (PDF)

Jamie Varner
Travelers use technology to make decisions about lodging, dining and other activities. Here’s a look at how businesses can position themselves to get the most out of technology trends.

Working with Hotels and Other Tourism Partners (PowerPoint)

Tami Reist
This PowerPoint presentation by the North Alabama Tourist Association explores how to go from having a good to a great relationship with hotels and other tourism partners.

Hotel Marketing (PowerPoint)

Tami Reist
This PowerPoint presentation by the Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association covers the basics of hotel marketing.

Social Media Myths (Word)

Every day there are new social media platforms announcing they are the best way to reach your current customer base. Here are tips on choosing the best option for reaching your target audience.


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