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The mission of StartUp Mississippi is to transform the ideas of everyday Mississippians into profitable small businesses that contribute to a vibrant and thriving Mississippi economy.

Program Goals

  1. Connect aspiring entrepreneurs to education, training and resources necessary for small business development and retention.
  2. Guide aspiring entrepreneurs through the small business development process.
  3. Build the capacity of entrepreneurs through relevant training and mentorship.
  4. Provide entrepreneurs with resources and support to launch their small business in 30 Days.
  5. Serve as the front door to additional Mississippi State University Extension programs that promote small business development, retention, renewal and growth.

How Does the Program Work?

Mississippi State University Extension recruits virtual cohorts that participate in small business development sessions. These sessions guide participants from conceptualization to establishment through a series of opportunities within 30 days.

  1. Those interested in joining a cohort must fill out an application. Once accepted into the program, program participants will be provided with access to the course.
  2. The cohorts participate in weekly virtual meetings. MSU Extension utilizes Canvas learning management system and the Zoom conferencing platform to carry out the program.
  3. Participants must have access to a computer, camera and microphone. Many smartphones will work just fine.
  4. Community Development Specialists with Mississippi State University provide research-based information/curriculum weekly for cohorts. Participants will also complete tasks each week that invest in their idea.
  5. Weekly seminars range from one to three hours weekly.
  6. Additional MSU Extension training opportunities will be shared with participants.
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